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Orange your day, break the cycle of poverty and violence against women

Dijous 25 Febrer 2016

Orange DayThroughout 2016, UNiTE will focus on how ending violence against women and girls is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. On 25 February, we are talking about how to break the cycle of poverty and violence against women. Take action!
The Sustainable Development Goals apply to all countries, and include a goal to end extreme poverty by 2030, and reduce by half the proportion of men, women and children of all ages living in poverty. While billions of people live in poverty, women are more vulnerable for a variety of reasons, including unequal access to paid work, lower earnings than men, lack of social protection and reduced education opportunities.

Living in poverty exposes women to heightened risk of violence and sexual exploitation. Lack of economic autonomy can reduce their choices and create additional barriers to accessing health care, legal or social services. Poverty in turn can be a consequence of violence, causing women to lose income and affecting their capacity to complete their education.

Ending gender discrimination is key to ending poverty and violence against women and girls. Investing in women’s economic empowerment is a step in the right direction to eradicate poverty and prevent violence against women.

On 25 February, Orange Day, learn more about how to break the cycle of poverty and violence against women: Wear orange, start discussions in your community about the issue.

Urjasi Rudra
UN Women

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