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Reading chapter 13 - The Announcement. Tomorrow I remembered (Peter Stevens)

Diumenge 23 Abril 2017

Una novel·la coral, amb fets reals de rerefons (Westgate bridge collapse -Melbourne-, Black Saturday bushfire -Victoria-) , i històrics (Irland/IRA), amb molts matisos i elements. A choral novel, with background facts (Westgate bridge collapse-Melbourne-, Black Saturday bushfire-Victoria-), and history (from Ireland/IRA), with many nuances and elements.

«He’s face to face with his childhood tormentor, supported only by a group of damaged people. The city is under siege. Who will crack first? Dr William Buckland, now a respected forensic psychiatrist, has led a checkered past. Saved as a teenager from a life on the streets, he was nurtured and mentored by Liz, a nurse specializing in trauma recovery. Their paths cross again, years later, when together they meet Chris McVey, a well-known investigative journalist. Chris is suffering severe symptoms of post-traumatic stress. He, and other damaged people, tell their stories as a plot to destroy the city is unfolding. One of them holds the key. Someone is cracking. This cat-and-mouse tale will keep you guessing. Against a background of historical events, the lives of ordinary people are exposed as they become heroes: heroes who save a city, heroes who save each other».

In Amazon, Tomorrow I Remembered

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